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What are the Texas residency requirements for divorce?

A suit for divorce may not be maintained in this state unless at the time the suit is filed, either the petitioner or the respondent (one of the parties) has been domiciled in the state of Texas for the preceding six-month period and is a resident of the county in which the suit is filed… Read More »

Can I give up my parental rights?

Yes. A parent may voluntarily file suit for termination of their parent-child relationship, and a court may grant the order of termination if it is in the best interests of the child. It is not in the child’s best interests to terminate the parent-child relationship in order for the parent to avoid paying child support.

Can my spouse move out of the county or out of the state?

Yes, but not with your child if there is a geographic restriction in the Divorce Decree. A spouse granted primary custody has the right to determine the domicile of the child, and that spouse can choose where the child will live within the scope of the geographic restriction placed upon the child’s residence by the… Read More »

What if I have more questions about divorce in Texas?

Please contact the knowledgeable family law attorneys at Whisenant & Associates to find out how we can help with your divorce issues.